Should ObamaCare Be Overturned?

doctor-taking-pulseFrankly, I do think ObamaCare should be overturned. And I think it should be replaced by “Medicare For All” as suggested by Bernie Sanders.

In this blog post, I will explain why my own experience leads me to that conclusion. I would welcome hearing your views on this subject (particularly those of you who are on Medicare, but anyone is welcome to comment).

From everything I hear, getting insurance under Obama Care (The Affordable Care Act,ACA) is very complicated. Larry and I signed up for Medicare in a simple, quick process. It took us about 20 minutes each.

I should note, as with the ACA, under Medicare the doctor’s and other medical bills are still paid by private insurance companies and health care services plans. You would still need to find a company that has the most complete coverage for doctors, medicine, lab work, ex-rays and preventive medicine care. But the price would be the same wherever you go.

You also would want to explore the co-pays each company requires for any of these services. I get my Medicare through the Kaiser Health Plan. I have no co-pay for lab work, ex-rays or preventive care. I pay just $10 per doctors visit. My highest medicine co-pay was $75, but most of the medicine co-pays range from $15 to $30.

And then there are the premium charges for health insurance under ObamaCare.

Federal officials have announced that premiums for ObamaCare will rise an average of 22%, just in 2017. My Medicare premium increase in 2017 will be just 0.3% according to the Social Security Administration (Which administers Medicare). According to my records, my Medicare premiums have been rising by an average of just 1.31% per year over the past 11 years.

I’ve been unable to find any specific information on average ObamaCare premiums, but I gather $400 to $500 premiums are common. In 2017, my husband, Larry and I will pay just $108 per month, each, for Medicare.

One thing causing high premiums for ObamaCare has been that relatively few young people have been signing up for it. In the traditional health insurance model, health insurance programs depend on young people to help reduce the premiums for older people. Young people are much less likely to need health care. As a result it costs less to provide health care to young people than the premiums paid by those young people. Older people need more care. The cost of caring for them is often more than they pay in premiums. The losses on older people are made up from the profits from insuring young people. With so few young people enrolling in ObamaCare insurers have had no choice but to greatly increase the premiums on everyone who does enroll.

By contrast, if everyone, of all ages, were covered by Medicare, and everyone paid premiums for it, the premium per person for Medicare could be even lower than it is now.

There is one more thing that could lower Medicare premiums. Current federal law prohibits Medicare from bargaining with drug companies over the price of drugs. Medicare must pay whatever the drug companies demand for their products. If Medicare was permitted to bargain over drug prices it probably could lower its overall costs for drugs. That, in turn would allow them to lower Medicare premiums.

I think ObamaCare should be scrapped and replaced with Medicare for all.