A Point By Point Response To The Objections To the Marijuana Initiative (Prop. 64)

Black Votes Count Too
Black Votes Count Too!

In the California official voter information guide the opponents of Prop. 64 list 5 objections to Prop 64. The following is an item by item response to those objections.

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Here Is Why You Should Vote For Proposition 54

Proposition 54 Gives Power To the People

Here is what Proposition 54 would do.

Black Votes Count Too
Black Votes Count Too!

1. It would prohibit the California Legislature from enacting any law unless it has been in print, and published on the Internet for at least 72 hours, except in cases of public emergency.


2. Proposition 54 would also require the legislature to record all of its meetings, except closed door meetings and post them on the Internet. A closed door meeting, for example, could be meetings to discuss security at the State Capitol.

3. Proposition 54 would also authorize anyone (even you and me) to record all legislative meetings, except closed door meetings.

So what is so good about Proposition 54?

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With Sadness I oppose Proposition 61

Here is what Proposition 61 would do.

Black Votes Count Too
Black Votes Count Too!

It would prohibit all state agencies from buying prescription medications at any price higher than the lowest price paid, for the same drug, by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. This rule would apply to drugs bought directly by the state agency, or when the agency is the ultimate payer for the medication, even if the agency does not directly buy the medication.

This sure seems like a good idea. According to the Non-Partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office (an agency housed in the state legislature) the state of California spent $3.8 billion on prescription medications in fiscal year 2014-2015. The savings to the state could be considerable, although the Legislative Analyst’s Office said it was unable to estimate just how much at this time.

So, why shouldn’t we vote for proposition 61?

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I wholeheartedly Support Proposition 58

Black Votes Count Too
Black Votes Count Too!

Proposition 58 would replace education laws that make it difficult for limited English children to learn things like math, science and history in school and replaces tghem with a law that will make it much easier for them to learn these subjects.

According to California’s Legislative Analyst, current state law requires that ALL children in California public schools MUST be taught in English. That word all means that even children who understand very little English must be taught things like math, science and history IN ENGLISH.

In a minute I will try to teach you three things in languages that you don’t understand and then give you a quiz to see if you learned what I taught you. That should help you understand how wrong this current law is.

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Why I Will Vote Anyway

Black Votes Count Too
Black Votes Count Too!

To be perfectly honest, I have a pretty low opinion of both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I was really a Bernie Sanders supporter. I think he really cares about the things I care about. And I think, if elected President, he would have fought hard to accomplish those things. I have doubts that Hillary Clinton will do that. But the thought that Donald Trump might become President absolutely terrifies me.

Still there are reasons why, even people like me, should vote on November 8.

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Another Reason To Vote For Proposition 60

Black Votes Count Too
Black Votes Count Too!

Proposition 60 is the proposition that would require performers in adult films to wear condoms when performing sex acts on camera. You can see what I said previously on Prop 60 by scrolling down to my previous post on this issue.

So what is the new reason? More cases of sexually transmitted diseases were reported last year than ever before, according to the US Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Please Vote For Proposition 52

Black Votes Count Too
Black Votes Count Too!

I will vote for Proposition 52 because it will assure that California will continue to receive substantial funding from the federal government to help us pay for essential medical care given by hospitals to people on limited income in our state.

This care is paid for through a program called Medicaid. California’s version of Medicaid is called Medi-Cal. Proposition 52 will also reduce the cost of this care that comes out of your pocket and mine. To find out how:

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