Israel’s Illegal Army Of Occupation Must Be Withdrawn From Palestine

israeli-flagNote: I gave up blogging a while back because it appeared that few were reading them and fewer still were discussing them. However, I like expressing my opinions on public issues and so will resume periodic blog posts. If no one reads them, that’s their loss, not mine.


Recently the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2334 which states that Israel’s settlement activity in Palestine constitutes a “flagrant violation” of international law and has “no legal validity”. The resolution demands that Israel stop such activity and fulfill its obligation as an occupying power under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

I agree wholeheartedly with this resolution. But I would have taken it one step further. I believe Israel should be required to remove it’s army of occupation from Palestine IMMEDIATELY.

Here’s why. In 1967 the Palestinians and other Arab countries attacked Israel. Within a few weeks Israel defeated her enemies. Israel then put an army of occupation in Palestine. Now, half a century later, the occupation army is still there. Still worse, Israelis have been moving to Palestine, taking homes and land from Palestinians (often without paying for them) and building Israeli settlements on that land.

To help you understand how that feels to the Palestinians, consider the following. Suppose Germany had won World War II and then put an army occupation in the United States. Suppose that occupying force was still here. And, finally, suppose Gerrmans came here and took your home, and the homes of your neighbors, forcing you out and moving in to your and your neighbors homes. That would be manifestly unjust. So is what Israel is doing to the nation of Palestine.

Some of the Jewish settlers justify their settlements by saying Palestine, historically was part of Israel that had been called Judea and Samaria. The fact is those were separate kingdoms since at least the nine hundreds BC. That’s nearly 3,000 years ago. Calling Palestine part of Israel, based on history, just doesn’t work.

Israel’s army of occupation in the nation of Palestine is illegal. Israel should be required to remove those occupying forces. Our nation’s continuing support of Israel should be conditioned on their doing that. Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen soon.


4 thoughts on “Israel’s Illegal Army Of Occupation Must Be Withdrawn From Palestine

  1. Boyce, you are so totally right on this subject! It is true that Jews needed a homeland, having been persecuted and killed in many places over the centuries. Maybe there was a better place than Israel; I don’t know But for them to run roughshod over the recent inhabitants of Palestine is fully as bad as the terrible way Jews have been treated in other places and times. What’s the sense of that? Where’s the justice?
    This has bugged me for years. Where is the petition on some site like MoveOn or Credo or ?? to protest this inhumanity. Maybe I should start a conversation with Jewish friends about this and the UN Security Council resolution!


    1. Hi Ruthie,

      Thanks for your response. You are so loyal. I wish others would join the conversation like you do.

      I think we can’t expect the Jews to leave Israel entirely, and maybe we shouldn’t expect them to do so. I would also say Israel has not treated the Palestinians as bad as the Jews have ever been treated. Clearly the holocaust was worse. However, I think it is in Israel’s best interest to try much harder to make real peace with the Palestinians. To me that means withdrawing to Israel’s 1967 borders. They should also try something like the Marshall plan that the US mounted after World War II. At that time we poured money into Germany to help them rebuild their economy. Now they are a strong economy and they are among our strongest allies.

      Given all they have done to the Palestinians, a similar Marshall plan would take a long time to mend the anger, but it could make Israel safe and secure in its neighborhood.


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